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Ryan Namia


Ryan Namia

At the age of 20, Ryan Namia, the editor-in-chief of The Global Filipino Magazine, has started his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) journey in UAE with nothing but a college diploma. No work experience. Started from scratch, the young Filipino landed a journalism job in a Filipino newspaper in the host country. 

The tough job and pressing work environment have taught him how to survive and fight many battles in life that he thought he could never conquer. His job revolved from interviewing normal Filipinos, visiting Filipino and Hollywood celebrities, to top diplomats in the country. The work experience has further developed his interpersonal skills and how to effectively deal with various types of people. 

Two years after finishing his employment contract with the publication, he worked as a content creator for one of the most followed Facebook pages in the UAE. There, he was dealing with food and hotel reviews, social media management, among others. This job has further nurtured his skills in creating viral content. 

Soon after spending almost three years in the media sector, he abandoned it and worked as admin personnel for a facilities management company in the emirate. His work included creating a schedule for the maintenance workers on a daily basis, create invoices for potential clients, and almost all paperwork-related there was in the office. He thought it was making him happy, but his heart and mind were still longing for the previous work and planned to get back to his previous work. 

As God’s plan coincided with his, the Filipino Institute, earlier this year, was searching for a person to man The Globa Filipino Magazine. He grabbed the offer and tasked with the write-ups of the magazine online and through his experience in creating viral content, the Facebook page which has initially over 3,000 page likes, has grown and accumulated 36,000 in a span of six months. The Facebook page has grown so much that its website got two million page views per month.

The magazine has also its printed version and is being distributed across the country for free. The monthly magazine champions the success of Filipinos across the world. He believes that there is a need to highlight their triumphs to further boost the morale of each Filipino working abroad.

Is your story worth publishing? Or do you know someone who has a great life story? Email Ryan at to have it published. 

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