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Orli Gayeta


Orli Gayeta

They say the best marketers are always creating relationships with customers, brands, and other marketers. Orli Gayeta, the sales and marketing manager of the Filipino Institute, for years now, has been selling relations, innovative stories, and magic to various companies in the UAE. 

He said working in the frontline of the institution’s marketing department is giving him the opportunity to meet different people and knowing lives, inspiring stories, high-caliber network-based every day. 

Before embarking on a UAE life, Orli had stayed in Israel for six years where his family is based until now. As their eldest daughter continued studying in the Philippines, they went back home. However, he has also worked in other countries like Saipan, Macau, and Hong Kong. 

Recalling his first arrival in the emirate, he said: “I traveled with my daughter in 2014 to assist her with her employment abroad until I enjoyed my two months stay as a tourist and planned to return to work for good here, yet I value the kind of OFW life I have here.” 

Apart from meeting potential clients on a daily basis, Orli does Facebook Live–from discussing various promotions, reviewing the latest restaurant addition to Dubai, to conducting online games for Filipino Institute followers. 

“This work has also given me the chance to explore Dubai and other emirates. I enjoy the rich lifestyle with exceptional healthcare and hospital amenities here. I feel safe here,” he said. 

Plans after Dubai

As he celebrates his seventh-year anniversary in Dubai, Orli said he still plans to go back to Batangas and live a ‘simple, uncomplicated, and quiet’ life. 

“I plan to just have a simple business and attach myself to community service since I always believe that service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth,” he added. 

Advice from an OFW to another

“Love your family, put them first in everything because I wasn’t that lucky since mine is physically separated,” he said when asked what’s his advice to his fellow OFWs. 

One of his dilemma in life was not witnessing his youngest daughter grow up as he left her when she was only 2 and rejoined when she was 9. “This is mainly the life struggle of an OFW,” he added. 

“Another thing, saving money can help you become financially secure. I am always impressed with all our kababayans who have this routine of saving since Dubai is providing so much urge about items on sale from left to right, and if you are extravagant, you will nothing in your pocket,” Orli said. 

In terms of employment, he advised his fellow countrymen to be humble, passionate and dedicated while working abroad. 

“It is not wrong not to trust so easily so you will not regret anything. Finding the right people to trust should always be the best responsibility for ourselves,” he concluded. 

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