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Caroline Turiano

Finance Manager

Caroline Turiano
Finance Manager

Caroline Turiano has been living and working abroad for more than a decade now. Hailing from Bicol, the former junior accountant is now working as the Accountant General in the Filipino Institute, mainly documenting the financial transactions of the company. 

She started as a junior accountant in her hometown in Bicol and decided to get out of their province and seek a good-paying job. She ended up working as a junior accountant at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network’s payable department. 

In 2009, she has decided to continue her journey by kicking off an overseas journey in Abu Dhabi and shifted to Ras Al Khaimah in the same year until 2020. 

Aside from having strong teamwork, she said the Filipino Institute has an objective to help Filipinos by giving them an affordable and high-quality education and an opportunity to advance their personal and professional growth. 

For now, she is focused on working abroad to have good financial stability since she is planning to build an empire in the future. 

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