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Andrea Marie Green

Dean of Al Ain Campus

Andrea Marie Green
Dean of Al Ain Campus

If there is one word that best describes Andrea ‘Dean Andy’ Marie Green, that would be adaptable

Believing that nothing will last forever, not even the good and bad, Green has been living in the UAE for 14 years now, mainly working in the F&B and hospitality sectors. She went to the UAE in 2006 with the aim to give her mother and siblings a comfortable life after her non-Filipino father left them.

Before joining Filipino Institute

Green has set foot in UAE when she was only 18 years old. She was already playing her father’s role in their family. Her first job was in a cafe as an ‘all-around’ employee, including being a barista, cashier, and waitress. A year after, her efforts were recognized by the management, thus she was promoted to be their supervisor that gave her many benefits, including improving herself and being trusted with bigger tasks for almost six years. 

After working in the F&B, she has decided to take a leap in career and joined the hospitality sector. For nine years, Green worked in most of its departments, including F&B, reservations, guest relations, and events. “I learned a lot of things and meet a lot of people that influenced of being who I am today,” she said. 

Serving the countrymen

Currently, Green is working as the dean of the Filipino Institute Al Ain campus. She oversees trainers and students from the day of their class up until their graduation day. 

“What I enjoy about it I got to serve my countrymen–the Filipinos. I was excited and nervous when I got the job since my background is not related to the academic area, however, here I am and grateful and blessed to be with the Filipino Institute,” she added. 

“I enjoy everything about it from enrollment, the testimonies of people, the struggles and achievement, and little did you know, I become a part of their daily life and being more involved and all I want for them is to succeed,” she further added. 

When asked about plans after her overseas stint, the dean said she always wanted to travel and see the world. 

“I always wanted to help the less fortunate children in the Philippines, especially those homeless ones,” she said. 

Her advice to her kabayans is to love their job and always be grateful. “Work hard even no one is looking at you or recognizing your work,” she added.

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