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Ph. D. Degree doctor of philosphy

2,500 Php / Unit

We are now accepting Enrollees for Assessment for the March 2021 Class

ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 9001:2015

How to Apply for Assessment?

Fill up the form and attached the required documents.

After the submission of form along with your credentials wait for our Admin to contact you if you are qualified to take Ph. D. Degree and once you are qualified, we will advise you for the terms of payment.

For more details you can message us on FB or call and Whatsapp us at the following numbers:

All refund requests will be processed within 3 working days. Refunds will be done in the form of cash or wire transfers.
A.) Refund Process:
1. Request
2. Verification
3. Refund (Cash/Wire Transfer)

B.) Refund Coverage and Qualification:
100% Refund
-If a student decides not to pursue prior to the start of classes, a refund will be granted provided that the student presents a valid reason.
-If a student opts to discontinue class within the first two consecutive meetings, a refund shall be valid provided that the student presents a valid reason.

Admin Fee
-A 10% percent administrative fee shall be deducted from the enrollment fee when the student decides to withdraw or discontinue attending class for a valid reason as per consideration by the Filipino Institute.
-Student who attended classes, decided to discontinue due to emergency reasons shall be granted a refund provided that the below computation applies:
Tuition Fee divided by 6 multiplied by the number of days attended
C.) No Refund
-Students who are not able to present a valid reason why they’re withdrawing from class cannot avail of the refund.
-Students who completely finished the course are not entitled to a refund.
Note: If a class didn’t meet the required number of students, which is five, the student may shift to other schedule or courses or wait until the require number is completed. The student is entitled of 100 percent refund if he or she decides not to wait or change course.
D.) Requirements
Those who are intending to refund the fee must present the original receipt issued by the Filipino Institute or the bank (via wire transfer).


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