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Certified Professional Housekeeper

A housekeeper performs cleaning duties in all guest areas and back of the house. They’re also expected to assist other departments when needed to ensure optimum service to guests. The international certificate for housekeepers raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities the applicant can bring to the marketplace.

Take your career to the next level by validating your skills and signaling to employers that you’re ready for your next professional challenge.

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  1. June 23, 2022

    I need a quotation for 5 person

  2. December 12, 2022

    Good afternoon,

    this is Corrado De Santis, an Italian citizen living in Italy.

    I’m looking for a female butler to be hired in Italy, to manage my house and our home works.

    I do not really know if you are the right Philipino institution I could ask to, but as yours is a school, it could be a great opportunity for you to allocate one of your guys to an international work. Should this not be the right institution to address my email to, I apologize for the mistake, and i hope you could indicate me who should i contact to find a Philipino lady, available to come to work in Italy.

    Going into the details about who I’m looking for:

    I live with my wife, we also have two daughters, who live abroad but they do come once in a while.

    I would say, both my wife and my-self, are very easy going. Basically the lady we are looking for is going to be part of our family, as she’ll be always with us

    We live in a quite small town of 6.000 people. At 15 mnt driving there is a bigger city, Avellino, with about 60.000 people and at 1h distance there is Naples, with 3 million people living there.

    Concerning our arrangements:

    total net wage, to be defined

    the lady will have one day off per week. Usually is going to be Monday, but sometimes, if we have guests at home, it may change. In any case, she will know it advance, so she can schedule her free time without problems

    she will be living in her room in our own villa.

    Here follow the duties which we’d expect her to perform:

    We have a big house, with internal pool and large garden. So as first task, she’ll be required to maintain the house and the garden always clean and available for me, my wife and for our guests.
    We need her to be able to cook Chinese\Asian cuisine.

    We need her to be able to drive a car. So we will need you to keep our cars always clean, plus driving (mostly) my wife around when this is needed

    Working hours: we are going to be very flexible about this, but at the same time we need you to be flexible as well. If we have guests at home, you need to stay till when we will need you. When we are not at home, we give her the tasks and she can organize the day as she’d prefer. Me and my wife spend most of our time working, so we go out in the morning around 8:00 a.m. and come back around 6\7:00 pm. Most of the week ends we go out, so the lady working with us is going to have a lot of free time. In any case we want her to be at home, keeping everything in due order.

    we also have a company at 5 mnts distance from our house (, so sometime she may be required to clean our offices or to help in packaging or what-else. I mean we spend most of our time out, so, if capable she will become our General Manager, for our house and for our private lives.

    These are most of the things she needed to know I imagine. Please feel free to ask any question, it is important for me that who is coming feels absolutely comfortable in staying with us.

    Thank you and talk to you soon,


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