#FIStaff: Nedlloyd Nniero Perez, Dean of Virtual/Short-term Courses

If there is one thing that Nedlloyd Nniero Perez learned while working in the Filipino Institute for 21 months as the Dean for Virtual and Short-term Courses is how to keep everything in check, especially he’s entrusted with multiple tasks. 

No matter how enormous the tasks are, Lloyd, as his colleagues dearly call him, is able to deliver them in a timely manner. 

At the age of 19, he already secured a degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Technology at the Philippine Maritime Institute and got on-board only four months after he graduated. He worked as a seafarer for 27 months. 

“They say that if you are a seafarer, you earn a lot of money, but they didn’t know that we risk our lives just to cross the unstable ocean with heavy equipment and being away from family,” he said noting that the silver-lining about his former job is the fact that he gets to travel in various countries and continents for free. 

Shifting career path

After considering many things before moving jobs, Lloyd has decided to seek greener pastures in the UAE. He was first assigned to the Abu Dhabi campus and was relocated months after to the headquarters of the Filipino Institute in Dubai. 

“I enjoy the tasks being given to me because I can see that they are beneficial to the public and that matters to me. We also have a culture of treating each other with respect and civility if not actual friendliness,” he said. 

The former seafarer further added that part of the work culture in the workplace is using conflict productively and get past disagreement without rancor. 

“It makes coming to work something I can look forward to,” he said. 

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