#FIStaff: Rose Lily B. Valdez, Web Developer

As a web developer, one should have a combination of graphic design skills and technical computer skills that allow them to create designs on web pages. Rose Lily B. Valdez, presently working as a web designer in the Filipino Institute, has all these attributes that she gained from her previous jobs. 

Enthusiastic. Creative. When asked what are the words that best described her, she uttered these. “I am also flexible. I don’t just look at what’s in front of me but I’m open to possibilities. I innovate,” she added. 

Valdez, a former librarian at a university in Manila for three years, has been here abroad for more than five years now. “But I can say that I am still learning. What drives me every day? Inspiration. Family, of course,” she said. 

Prior to working as a web developer for the training institute, Valdez was working as an e-commerce sales representative and a graphic designer. 

In the Philippines, she also worked as a secretary for a quantity surveying quality control management for two years. Part of her work included maintaining effective records and administration, and ensuring meetings were effectively organized and minuted. 

In 2010, she went to Macau to work as a secretary for EU Hong Cheong Trading LTD. There, she worked until 2012. 

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