#FIStaff: Lorenzo Roi Florendo, Dean of International Diploma-Dubai

Working in the Filipino Institute, for Lorenzo Roi Florendo, is a little too close to home because he gets to interact with his kabayans and it makes him feel like he never left the Philippines. 

As the Dean of International Diploma in Dubai campus, he responds to the needs of the students at the Filipino Institute, communicate and plan activities for them. 

Before embarking on an overseas life, Florendo, a political science graduate, used to work as a political advisor and strategist, and college instructor. He was also involved in various activities that benefited society, including doing charity works, outreach programs, political researches that helped improve the people’s way of living in their province. 

Despite being new and unfamiliar to Dubai, he already looks forward to working with an organization that gives back to the Filipino community, which he found in the Filipino Institute. 

Although there are moments where he couldn’t get through an extremely busy situation at work, the smiles worn by the students uplift his mood. 

“The mini chit-chats with the students along the corridors, the smiles on the faces of our kabayans every time you see them going to their classes, knowing that most of them are really exhausted after a week-long of work and still they would go to school on their day-off which really proves that we Filipinos are masayahin regardless of any situation that we are facing on our daily lives,” he said when asked what’s the best part about working in the educational institution. 

One of the things he wants to accomplish in the future is to build his own empire and be the boss of his own. 

“Focus on your goals and ignore the hecklers, they won’t start if your plate is empty. Keep pushing to be a better version of yourself, it’s important to have someone to talk to and share what we feel instead of keeping it to ourselves, having the right people around you helps,” Florendo said. 

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