Filipino Institute now supplies manpower to various companies in Middle East

Committed to helping the growing number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the UAE, the Filipino Institute has recently partnered with various entities to supply them with the right employees who have undergone and completed their courses with them.

Initially, the educational institution has partnered with healthcare facilities to supply them Caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistant.

“As we continuously expand our network, we would like to share this great news with our students. They are not only learning from the Filipino Institute, but they are also given a chance to be hired by our partners,” Founder and CEO of Filipino Institute Mr. Gabriel John Rimando said.

Rimando added that the right candidate will be supplied to the company after a thorough interview.

“The goal of this partnership with various entities is to further help our kabayans here in the UAE not only by providing affordable but quality education but also providing them an avenue where they can practice what they have acquired in the Filipino Institute,” he added.

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